April 1, 2009 Volume 2 Issue 1 (past issues)

JayZ Endorses Boeing in Rap Songs, Kicks Off "Foevah New Frontierz" Ad Campagin

Boeing Identity Management struck a deal with American hip-hop artist Jay-Z, spinning off a new ad campaign to replace the previous "Forever New Frontiers" slogan with a more hip, up-to-date image of the company. Instead of rapping about Bentleys, private Learjets, and 21" rims, Jay-Z will feature mention of AH-64D attack choppers and 787 Dreamliners. The financial details of the deal were not disclosed. (more)

Single Meeting Notice Sent, Award Given

In an unprecedented event, process management watchdogs observed a meeting that took place where attendees were received only a single meeting notice, without any updates, corrections, reminders, or follow-on emails. Reportedly the meeting notice contained all the necessary details and no attachments. "I didn't event think this was possible," remarks certified Microsoft Outlook Calendar Trainer Bob Estus. The observation sparked a new "Review Before Send-to" campaign, complete with detailed training on how to compose emails and calendar notices. "We're teaching employees to read over their emails and check the details. Waiting an hour before pressing send really cuts down the time recipients spend wading through emails, reduces Exchange server load and network traffic." (more)

You need to know: wait one hour before pressing send

Horizon -1 Defined

In addition to the established research Horizons 1, 2, and 3, a new Horizon -1 has been identified for technologies that have already been developed, tested, and deployed, but you would like to claim them as your research anyway. While Horizons 1, 2, and 3 refer to research that is one to ten years out, Horizon -1 effectively captures past research, or something that has been done in the past. "Horizon -1 is more about the pursuit of functional excellence," quotes Horizon Focals Focal Henry Russell. "By identifying deployed technologies that are readily available, we can effectively reduce risk." (Horizon -1 Training Modules)

ShareValue Award becomes Tax

Boeing's stock price has sunk to such a low value that the ShareValue Trust Award has transitioned from a Period 7 distribution to a wage garnishment tax. Instead of rewarding participants in the success of their efforts to improve productivity and grow the business, participants now owe the trust money, effectively sharing any company failures. Employees can discover how much of their paycheck will be missing with the Period 7 garnishment using TotalAccess or by following the How much do I owe? link provided below. (How much do I owe?) (BA stock price)

JTRS Program Develops Language Based Entirely on Acronyms

"We believe we've solved a key issue with our numerous ITAR and program firewall restrictions. Why limit access to information when we can make that data so much harder to comprehend?" explains principal engineer Dorothy Vacarou. All program-related nouns had already been referred to with acronyms, so all that was required was capturing verbs and adjectives in the acroynm lexicon. "JTRS GMR PND AAV SOSCOE KTP US FCS AGLRP WNW, SRW, TTLT KNT," says Vacarou, demonstrating the new language in use with all program emails. New JALT (JTRS Acronym Language Training) is being offered to those signed into the program firewall. (more) (JAL Training Center)

New Scorecard Metric: Number of Telecons Attended

Recognizing an increasing trend in online meetings, Boeing management has revised the performance scorecard to capture exactly how many teleconferences an employee has participated in. To earn an "exceeded expectations" rating in this metric, for example, a typical employee would spend at least 50% of his or her time dialed in to a meeting, community of interest, weekly tag-up, technical review, or webinar. A related PRO-880 procedure was passed requiring employees to always wear their wireless headsets. Walking around with the headset, even at lunch, according to the PRO-880 text, allows employees to respond more quickly to customer phone calls.(more details) (PRO-880)

ETS Moves to 0.01 Hour Increments

Boeing's Employee Timekeeping System software has been upgraded to accept time entry in 0.01 hour (36 second) increments. Labor recording policy is being revised ETS 0.01 hour increments to require employees to track all 0.01 hour activity IDs, and since this may lead to an increase in the amount of time spent on ETS entry screens, a new activity type "using ETS" is being provided. "This finer level of granularity will usher in a new era in accounting," praises accounting manager Jim Chadwick. Incorporating other new activity types are also part of this change, including "using the restroom", "coffee room", and "phone interruption". (ETS 0.01 Increment Ten-minute Trainer)

7th Leadership Attribute Identified