APRIL 1, 2011 VOLUME 4 ISSUE 1 (past issues)

BHarmony Dating Service added to TotalAccess

Along with the new My Spouse, My Kids, and My Dog links, TotalAccess has expanded with a new "My Dating" link, taking users to an exclusive BHarmony dating service. As part of the TotalEverything™ campaign, BHarmony helps single employees connect and establish long-term dating relationships. "I love how TotalAccess gives me access to all of my stuff in one place," comments new BHarmony member Shirley Womak, "I can check and see if my dog needs walking, and then update my profile without ever leaving the site." Click the TotalAccess link from my.boeing.com for more details.    Browse photos of BHarmony singles  Join the InSite discussion

IT Dims LCD Monitors for Power Savings

The Boeing IT department rolled out a new monitor-dimming service to all Boeing PCs that automatically reduces the brightness of any connected display. The measure intends to reduce power consumption across the company, cutting electricity costs dramatically.
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ONE, HIPO, and LEAP Expansions Further Confuse Employees

With the BR&T ONE program announcing a new TWO follow-on, HIPO expanding with HYPER, and the success of E&OT LEAP giving way to HOP, the landscape of employee enrichment programs leaves some employees feeling confused. "When I wanted to improve my program management skills," remarked one employee, "I spent hours attending lunch and learns and filling out applications for some of the six different programs." TWO, HYPER, and HOP are each follow-on programs seeking to fill the gaps in skill development that their parent programs have.
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9th Leadership Attribute Defined

BDS&S adds another "S" for Social Networking

Following the Department of Defense announcement that social networking will be the next big defense front, BDS&S announced a name change to BDSS&S, launching a new Social Networking Defense (SND) unit. The DoD strategy formed following months of recent unrest in the Middle East and North Africa spawning from grassroots Twitter and Facebook movements. "I'm pleased to appoint Rich Carlmyer as the director of BDSS&S's new SND division," BDSS&S director Dennis Mullenburg wrote in a recent message SENT TO ALL BDSS&S EMPLOYEES BY DENNIS MULLENBURG, PRESIDENT AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, BOEING DEFENSE, SPACE, SECURITY, & SOCIAL NETWORKING.
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BMR Model added to the Boeing Store

The Traveling Boeing Store is coming soon to your work area, now featuring an expanded selection of realistic models that extends beyond commercial airplanes. The successful Boeing Mobile Router (BMR) product from Boeing Research & Technology will now be immortalized in a 1:1 scale 4", beautifully crafted solid brass model sculpture. This superbly detailed collector's item actually costs a little over two times the price of a real BMR.

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A Decade of Efficiency: Lean to Lean+ to Anorexic

Do more with less. This is the mantra of the new Anorexic Initiative that has evolved from 10 years of experience applying the Lean and Lean+ production practices. "Lean+ was all about reducing waste, unnecessary costs," describes Anorexic Lead Focal Barry Smith, "but Anorexic is about cutting costs across the board, to succeed in these economically troubled times. To bring value from little resources. Eliminate excess and waste. Deliver advanced world-class best-of-breed innovative integrated breakthrough solutions." Take the Anorexic Initiative's 10-minute trainer