APRIL 1, 2012 VOLUME 5 ISSUE 1 (past issues)

Ping Pong Table Removed, Occupy 33-07.1 Movement Erupts

The first floor of the 33-07 building has become the scene of an internal occupy movement protesting the recent removal of a ping pong table formerly stationed there. Residents of the first floor had complained of the noise generated by ping pong players and a lengthy email thread ensued, discussing the removal of the table and what it would do for employee morale. Ping pong table enthusiasts argued that the nearby cafeteria, ATM machine, and conference rooms had generated just as much noise.
"We had no idea just how popular that game was," said a first floor employee who can now barely reach her desk with all the protesters camping out nearby. The exact demands of the protesters are unclear, but the primary objectives appear to be to get the ping pong table back onto the first floor, and establish a PRO-2121 "Guidelines for Ping Pong Table Use During Shift 1-2". An early draft of PRO-2121 also would establish a NW Ping Pong focal and provide Ping Pong Awareness Training course TR-34987.  Browse Occupy 1st floor photos  Follow the InSite Ping Pong discussion

Myers Briggs Profile Added to SecureBadge

In addition to name and US person status, the SecureBadge has now been extended with employees' personality profile. The four-letter Myers Briggs code will allow employees to better relate to one another and enable managers to assemble teams based on compatible personalities.
"This ushers in a new era for manloading," declared one manager, who has been all too familiar with group incompatibilities.
The personality profile will also appear on employee's inSite profile.  Comment on ways to build team synergy


Siri Interfaced with CORE

An announcement was made Wednesday that a revolutionary Siri interface was added to the CORE network emulation tool, allowing experimenters to speak network topologies into an iPhone and watch them virtually come to life. The interface currently allows specifying node types and how they should be connected, IP addresses, and services that should run on each node. Future voice activated commands include the auto-generation of PowerPoint slides based on a demo topology, and automatic Excel file charting for results. Visit the CORE Siri plug-in App Store page

LEAP to Conclusions Fundraiser Mat

The EO&T LEAP program began selling its LEAP to Conclusions mat to fund-raise for the 2012 program due to budget reductions. The mat is placed on the floor and features different conclusions written on it that one can leap to.
The mat will go on sale at the Boeing Store and online for a special introductory price of $18.95. This durable nylon mat features vibrant colors with dimensions of 24" x 36". Order your mat online

Boeing+ Social Networking Site Unveiled

A new Boeing+ social networking site has been launched in direct competition with inSite. Instead of the profile-centric experience that inSite provides, users can share internal content to their news feed by clicking a +1 button now found on many internal web pages.
"Once authenticated with WSSO", explains Plus Team Leader Frank Charles, "all of a user's surfing activity can be published to their wall."
Users can also organize relationships using circles, choosing with which circles to share content. Built-in video conferencing is also available using WebEx Hangouts.
Visit plus.web.boeing.com

Security Stickers Mandatory for all Smartphone Cameras

Boeing security began issuing security stickers for covering the lens of all smartphone cameras. A 10-minute trainer instructs employees on the operation of the new sticker. Order your security sticker now

Quad Charts Reduced Entirely to Colors

In order to meet the increasing need of managers to quickly review projects, the IRAD quad chart summaries have been reduced to four color-coded quadrants. Although the project title still remains, the upper-left "graphic" quadrant will now feature solid colors, such as green where a detailed, catchy graphic once was, blue if the graphic was some kind of OV-1 having lightning bolts, purple for graphics that were technical equations or graphs, and so on. The bottom left formerly held the program nickname and description, now has color hues depending on whether or not the project had a clever acronym, included recent technology buzzwords, etc. The budget and schedule quadrant can be numerous shades of green depending on how much the project plans on spending and how many deliverables are scheduled for December 21.  Comment on the new format

ETS App Created but Blocked by IT

The Employee Timekeeping System released a convenient app recently for Android phones, but its usefulness has been called into question after it was subsequently blocked by Boeing IT. "It's a security risk for employee-owned smartphones to connect to company networks," commented IT Access Review Board member Jerry Hanamith, "even to clock in at the end of a shift." Because there are no SmartBadge readers available for mobile devices, and as all other logon methods have been sunsetted -- including passwords, Z-tokens, and gold cards --it seems that the newly-released app may soon be pulled from the Android Market.