• your pictures should be sized at 128x112, not 110x110 as I originally posted.
    Having the wrong size will cause problems on Bell phones. (thanks to JK [jkochhar])
  • your phone can also be used for Internet connectivity -- create a dial-up connection in Windows using the Samsung CDMA modem and dial #777. This doesn't seem to work if you don't have the PCS Vision service. (thanks to Richard Ebbing)
  • did everything disappear? When all of your downloads seem to disappear, even though you can still see your files in BitPim, you have some offending file somewhere. This could mean an invalid GCD file or a picture that is in the wrong format, for example. Try uploading things one at a time to discover the error. Many of you have emailed me about this, asking for sample files, so check out the samples page. Try and get those working first, and use those valid GCDs as an example for creating your own.
  • for additional tips and resources, visit:
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