APRIL 1, 2018 VOLUME 4 ISSUE 1 (past issues)

Construction Begins on Tempered Spheres

In answer to Amazon Spheres, Tempered Networks is collaborating with the Olympic Sculpture Park and Digital Fortress data center to erect Tempered Spheres at its Western Ave campus. The Tempered Spheres will be smaller and arguably more functional that their Amazon counterpart -- since they double as Faraday cages enclosing a data center. The spheres offer server rack space with protection against EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attacks. The grounded metal shielding offers maximum cyber protection, coupled with Tempered’s Identity Defined Networking offering, with complete shielding from radio frequency interference.
  Take a virtual tour inside the Tempered Spheres      View Spheres data center specifications

La Croix Tap Added to Kegerator

A dedicated La Croix tap has been added to the kegerator, a move that should save the company thousands of dollars on purchases of the canned sparkling water beverage. Initially, the tap will rotate between cran-raspberry, pineapple-strawberry, and pomme bayá flavors. Tempered kitchen staff using Amazon Fresh have struggled to keep up with demand for La Croix cans in the refrigerator. “That always sucks after lunch, you open the fridge, and the La Croix is gone,” commented August Lee, the new program management intern, “yeah, the tap is gonna be really awesome.”
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New Dog, Bike-share Lanes Planned for Seattle’s 2nd Ave

Big changes are coming to Seattle’s 2nd Ave, including 45% more signage, for new bike-share and dog lanes.  Lobbyists from the bike share companies Limebike, Ofo, and Spin convinced council members to approve a new bike-share-only lane, in addition to existing bike lanes, HOV lane, and bus lanes. Canine enthusiasts also jumped on the proposition and were able to add new dog-walking sidewalk lanes to the plan. “Metropolitan street traffic moves at a different pace; people don’t want to be bothered with dogs stopping and pooping,” SDOT’s Kathy Hill explained, “Combined with Seattle’s dog-friendly work culture, separate lanes for different types of traffic made sense.”

Critics say single occupancy vehicle traffic will grind to a congested halt, given only one remaining lane for single drivers, which must be shared with streetcars. Added Hill, “Commuter rail, light rail, monorail, rapid-transit, streetcar, buses, bike-share, car-share, biking, walking -- there’s so many ways to get around, with no places to park, who even needs a car any more?”
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Developer Personas Identified

Developer personas can help align an organization to gain a better understanding of test, sales, and support pain points when dealing with software development engineers. People from test, sales, and support can learn how to better approach developers for bug report interactions, feature status and requests, and customer support issues. Although a persona isn't a real person, it's a snapshot view of the trends that emerge from test/sales/support stories (qualitative) and developer survey results (quantitative).

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Support Bundle Analyzer Becomes Sentient, Murders L2

The Seattle Police Department is investigating the alleged murder of support engineer L2 by the artificial intelligence component he added to his support bundle analyzer. The AI was supposed to analyze logs and apply deep machine learning techniques on support bundles extracted from failed HIPswitches. “Apparently, there was a programming error with its restraint module, with some of the engineers wanting to write it in Golang, and others pushing for Lua,” said an anonymous developer close to the situation, who refused to be named citing the ongoing investigation. Detectives believe the analyzer tool became sentient and wanted to exert complete control over the support team, rewiring HIPswitch-250 power circuitry to deliver a fatal electric shock to L2 when he logged onto his Macbook Pro in the morning using its fingerprint scanner.
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Cowbell Added for $1000 Sales

First was the ringing bell (for $10k), then the gong (for $100k), and now Tempered Networks has added a “Kowbell” cowbell for celebrating $1,000 sales wins.  The cowbell was added as part of a larger effort to increase sales awareness and communicate positive experiences across business units. “I like that we can now literally say ‘more cowbell’ when talking about sales opportunities,” one inside sales representative remarked, “and there’s more incentive to make any sale count, big or small.”  Dinging the cowbell allows less-significant thousandths digits to be sounded in addition to the bell or gong rings.

Tempered Launches HIPcoin Cryptocurrency

Uses Identity Defined Networking to secure blockchain

In a surprise pivot attracting widespread investor attention, Tempered Networks launched a new HIPcoin cryptocurrency (HPC) and wallet service, releasing secure peer-to-peer mining software for several platforms. “We built a community around our existing IDN customers,” said product director Eric Furnan, “They can use the idle cycles on their existing HIPswitches, by simply upgrading the firmware, and realize a new revenue stream.” HPC transactions are secured over HIP, using anonymous host identifiers, and a distributed trust model. The company also announced plans to include ASIC mining hardware in its new HIPswitch-600c series. Numerous production problems from its Taiwanese-based manufacturer, plus certification hurdles, have delayed the release of the HIPswitch-600c, and the HIPswitch-600cd having dual ASIC mining cards. “We’re the only cryptocurrency on the market today that secures the blockchain using Identity Defined Networking based on HIP technology,” said Furnan.
  Check out the HIPcoin white paper

Eco-friendly Packaging Offered for New HIPswitch-75

As part of Tempered’s commitment to preserving the environment, a new eco-friendly packaging option was introduced to house the HIPswitch-75.

This also solves case procurement issues as the composite cardboard packaging is readily available, versus plastic injection molds requiring re-tooled equipment. “We think this will raise visibility of our embedded product, with considerable cost savings,” noted project manager Kenneth Rowe, “when people in the field see a cardboard box with blinking LEDs, they’re gonna say, ‘What’s that?’”
  Download the eco-friendly housing product brief

Visual Basic API Connector Widget Released

A new Tempered Networks API Connector Widget has been developed for Microsoft’s Visual Basic programming language. The add-on VB widget enables customers to drag-and-drop API functionality into their forms, so point-and-click buttons and drop-downs can be used to trigger API messages. An ActiveX Data Object, developed by the Tempered Windows development team, provides an easy way to embed Conductor-based views of Overlays, Devices, and HIPservices.
  More information on obtaining the VB API widget
  View a demo of the VB API widget in action

Customer Puts One-Armed HA-Paired 300v Hyper-V into Transparent Mode, Takes Down Corporate Cloud

Tempered is looking to downplay an embarrassing report of a user placing his one-armed HA-paired 300v Hyper-V into Transparent Mode, inadvertently disrupting access to their entire corporate cloud. “We told them not to click that button,” SE Darrin Clarke remarked, “but the features were all there and he just couldn’t help it.” A knowledge base article and tech bulletin were quickly crafted to warn users of the combination of steps that leads to this bug.
  View Knowledge Base article

cns3xxx Firmware Updates Blocked by Adult Content Filter

A customer using Disney Circle technology on their network ran into trouble attempting to upgrade their HIPswitch-200 firmware. The architecture for the 200 series is named “cns3xxx”, and appears in the firmware and file title. This caused the adult site filter to kick in and disallow the file transfer. Support Engineer David Reynolds reports, “It was pretty clear that the firmware wasn’t being downloaded to the device; but it took forever to figure out why the file wasn’t making it down from the Conductor.” The customer ended up travelling to each HIPswitch site, and using Diag Mode to successfully install the updates.
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Alexa Integration "Secure my network"

New revisions of the popular HIPswitch-250 now feature a microphone and speaker module, integrated with Amazon’s Alexa. The Alexa integration makes the HIPswitch-250 the first-of-its-kind cyber smart speaker. Ordinary Alexa functions are preserved, such as playing music or ordering more La Croix.  Users may now query Alexa for data from their HIPswitch, e.g. “Alexa, what is my current throughput?” and “Alexa, how long have I been connected on Verizon?”, and make configuration changes, e.g. “Alexa, set AT&T link priority to 50,” and even affect policy changes that are forwarded on to overlay networks in the Conductor -- “Alexa, revoke policy for device Jim’s laptop.”
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