APRIL 1, 2020 VOLUME 6 ISSUE 1 (past issues)

Asguard Underwear Rebranded

The Asguard clothing brand announced a new logo, riding the heels of the marketing buzz generated by Tempered’s new website. “We’re still getting customer traffic from the old Asguard.com site, and wanted to align with the modern look,” commented director of assguard marketing.

The underwear company will be the first of its kind to launch a website with the .io domain Asguard.io. “We like the new website, the new logo and colors, but due to the nature of our product, we will not be adopting an ‘invisible’ theme,” said the director.
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Developer’s Dusting Towel Inspired the Yellow Rebrand

Tempered’s bold new yellow color began in product development. “I was walking by Platforms Row, pondering what a bold new logo should look like, looked up and saw this yellow towel,” explains marketing consultant Brad Riley, “and I thought: perfect. This is the perfect color scheme to boost our brand.” The color grabs attention, evoking cheery and warm responses. The towel is reportedly used for regularly dusting LCD monitors and keyboards.
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Tempered Pets Get Social Using Zoom

Dogs and cats of Tempered employees have taken to the online video chat platform, Zoom, during the current COVID-19 quarantine. “Pets need social interaction during this time,” reports Tempered employee Chris Campbell, “it’s important for them to get attention and socialization to stay healthy.” Three times a week, HR has a regularly scheduled meet-up for pets of any kind.

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Multi Multi Factor Authentication Added

The Conductor Team added a new multi multi factor authentication mechanism for Conductor logins. “Multi multi factor authentication works by asking the user for something they know, like a password, along with something they have, like a text code from a phone, combined with something you are -- like a facial scan or fingerprint, combined with something you want or aspire to be,” explained the developer demoing this feature last Friday.

Conductor Replaces Slack With New Online AirChat Feature

Tempered has rolled out a new Conductor-based “AirChat” chat feature last Thursday. The company-wide change will save subscription costs as Slack is sunset, and allow employees to dog-food new product changes. AirChat offers automation with Conductor, such as systems notifications, slash-based commands for modifying policies and group membership, and querying for specific Airwall reporting graphs. As a communication tool, AirChat offers channels, tagging, file transfer, emojis, and giphys typical of today’s chat programs.
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Dustwall: Secure Robotic Vacuum

Tempered partnered with a Taiwanese robotic vacuum manufacturer to release the world’s first Dustwall SRV (Secure Robotic Vacuum). The vacuum runs embedded Linux featuring an Airwall Agent, enabling secure mobile communication when controlled via the Airwall Agent smartphone app. “Consumers no longer need to worry about their WiFi-enabled vacuums being taken over, or listening in on their conversations,” said product manager Chris Blomidon. “The SRV market is potentially a $100 million dollar industry.”
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ShowDan Tool Shows Dan Your Bugs

An Operations intern launched an internal ShowDan tool for automatically capturing key metrics and filing bug reports, to streamline details shared with the Test Team. The tool is capable of discovering which Airwalls are connected to the office network, where they are located, and whether or not they have experienced any exceptions or crashes recently. JIRA tickets are more uniformly defined, with appropriate labels, components, severity, and versioning, when generated using the tool.

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Social Distancing Plugin Added to iPhone App

The Tempered app team added a new social distancing feature to the iOS Airwall Agent, using an optional plugin. A configurable alarm sounds, with vibration, when two phones running the Airwall Agent come within six feet of each other. “The physical safety of our users, in these unprecedented times, is just as important as their online safety,” said app developer Andy Proctor.
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Beer Friday Beverages Delivered to WFH Workers

Now that Tempered workers have gone remote, the ever-popular Beer Friday has taken a twist: delivering beer pints directly to employees’ doorstep. This encourages employees to stay away from the office kegerator, while maintaining the much needed socialization with co-workers.
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Narwhal Replaces Hippo Mascot

The sales awards formerly known as “HIPPOs”, which will now be represented by a colorful narwhal mascot. “We give awards for big sales wins, and needed something closer to the new name ‘Airwall’ to celebrate these gains,” said a sales manager.

Tempered Health Plan Now Supports Compostable Burials

Tempered updated its health plan to include compostable burial in addition to cremation or common burial practices.

“Since we’re a young startup without any deaths, this was a very low-cost / high-value option to add,” described Matt from HR, “today’s tech employees are environmentally responsible, they want to give back to mother earth.”

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Invisibility Kit Lost

Product Development demonstrated a new Invisibility Kit concept during Demo Friday, but then promptly lost the kit during the Beer Friday that followed. “We had a few drinks, you know, and you couldn’t really see where we put it last, and I think the cleaners accidentally cleaned it up over the weekend,” said Chad Findley. The concept kit was nearly invisible as it consisted of Airwall equipment whose colors blended with the wall paint and flooring. At the time of this writing it wasn’t known how quickly a P2 Invisibility Kit could be produced.

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Company Electric Scooters Reduce Employee Lunchtime

A greater variety of restaurants now lie within reach for the Tempered employee’s lunchtime. Thanks to a fleet of new electric scooters, no longer will the hungry employee suffer #waitingforpeach. The bright yellow scooters advertise the company brand all about the city, and deliver employees to and from lunchtime destinations faster than before. This means shorter lunches which translates into greater productivity.

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Airwall Certified Gluten-Free (Beer Is Not)

All Tempered Airwall products have completed the Gluten-Free Certification Program (GFCP) to become certified gluten-free. “This opens up new markets, opens the door for new conversations,” remarked Peter Hirose from inside sales. The chassis paint is gluten-free, as are all electronic components. This certification allows Airwalls to be used to help secure gluten-free food manufacturing facilities. The GFCP approves only those products that continually meet strict, good manufacturing practices for gluten-free production. Tempered notes that its popular beer series TCP/IPA, Tun-on-Tap, and others, do contain gluten.

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